Writer, Stylist, Recipe Developer

Big Creative Projects

I collaborate with designers, photographers, and the rest of the creative team to bring company-wide projects to life, on our website, through email campaigns, and across social media. A few recent examples: 

  • I launched our Thanksgiving Menu Genieβ€”an interactive quiz for planning your feast, whether your group consists of six omnivores with access to four ovens or seventy vegans with only a Bunsen burner. (Then we did it again for the winter holiday season!) 
  • I hand-drew an email series of Thanksgiving tips and words of encouragement to keep our readers sane through the month of November.
  • And I took a childhood game and massaged it into a no-recipe, nothing-in-the-fridge system for cooking dinner. 
  • I also called forth cookies from around the world ("Hello, Cookie? You there?"), as well as their backstories, and plotted them on a Cookie World Map.  
Photo by Bobbi Lin

Photo by Bobbi Lin